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Exxcel’s Artist, Hugo Rodriguez Loredo

Hugo Loredo Rodriguez Photo Credit: Udo Spreitzenbarth Celebrity Stylist & Makeup Artist: Ty-Ron Mayes

In 1971, artist Hugo Rodriguez Loredo was born in the small town of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. Through education, exploration and an immense love for the fine arts, Hugo realized that his true artistic gift was in abstracts through the usage of symbolism. The basic structure that was developed early on is apparent in the work that Hugo is creating today. He has an unprecedented level of creativity that allows him to share the passion of the people that he meets. What an amazing gift to be able to take what drives an individual and to take the innermost passions that live in people’s hearts and translate them to a canvas with sensuality and exclusivity through the fair of an abstract!

“This always lends the creativity needed to create a ‘one of a kind’ every time.”

“What I love most is seeing the joy on people’s faces after I have taken something so simple as a beloved photograph or a tradition painting and put it on canvas for them. When I give it my own spin I give it life, color and an exciting new meaning. Being true to the original emotion that inspired the present emotion to be translated to the canvas is very important to me.”

Other works apart from abstract expressions include contemporary, traditional and minimalism pieces.

Aside from creating master piece after master piece, Hugo is also committed to giving back to mankind “off-canvas”. He fully believes that strength and character is built around enriching the lives of others through the sharing of knowledge. This is clearly obvious in his participation and involvement with the organization known as Diakonos International; held in Carrefour Haiti. It is at the event, Art Day Celebration, Hugo is Creative Art Director in charge of developing lesson plans and teaching young children that face financial challenges how to paint and develop the “artist within”.


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